We're a full service WordPress agency

Maddlab Design builds elegant, custom WordPress websites that serve as the perfect digital front door for  your business.

What we're all about (and not about)

Our e-commerce solutions are meticulously planned out in order to deliver an exceptional user experience. We build our sites on the WooCommerce platform because of it’s flexibility and scalable features.


Maddlab Design is a full-service digital agency. Founded in 2018 on a mission to build beautiful websites for small and medium sized businesses, Maddlab Design prides itself on detailed craftsmanship and a commitment to delivering excellence.


We don’t believe in shortcuts, sloppy work, and unfair billing. At Maddlab Design, every successful project starts with an intensive information gathering and planning phase that pays off ten fold once it’s time to execute the end product. Better attention to these items in the beginning leads to better results for our clients. 


Our designers and developers are seasoned veterans and industry leading experts in WordPress design, development, and digital strategy. Having worked with hundreds of plugins, frameworks, and development tools, we are equipped to build dynamic and cutting-edge websites at a fraction of the cost of most large agencies. Each of our developers honed their craft working on complex websites for major brands, including international billion-dollar companies and eCommerce websites. When our expertise and depth of experience is applied to the small business model, great things happen.

We're different, in some really key ways

Our WordPress builders have all spent time working for large web development agencies, and we just don’t think that business model works well for small businesses. We’ve also rescued many companies from the shoddy development work of fly-by-night freelancers.

Maddlab Design:  Our website builders are business analysts, designers, and programmers all-in-one. This means that when you need a website built, the people who plan it out and quote it are the same people who design and build it later. This adds tremendous continuity throughout the entire process and ensures that we deliver you value from the very first phone call we have together. This is enables us to build better quality sites for less money. We find that on average, our estimates are about 50% less expensive than our competition, and our websites are superior quality in every way. 

Large Agencies: Generally speaking when inquiring with a large development agency for a new website or an enhancement to your existing website, you won’t get the right attention until you make in known that you have big dollars to spend. You won’t ever get to talk to the designers or the people doing the work and they won’t be the ones evaluating your needs. Instead, you can expect discuss your business with a low level sales person who will only get the minimal amount of details from you in order to send you a wildly inflated proposal. Why? Because in corporate America, time is money, and until you put money on the table, don’t expect the time of anyone who matters. 

Freelancers:  Freelancers will give you their time because they want your business. While you were small potatoes to the large web development agency, you are a big fish for a freelancer building websites for beer money. Majority of them simply don’t possess the analytical business acumen to thoroughly vet your business needs and translate them into a web site that actually makes your more money and attracts new customers. 

Maddlab Design: Our support services are designed to be helpful, informative, and fast. We don’t make you deal with an uncaring account manager, and instead provide our customers with direct support from our WordPress experts. Time is money, and we go out of our way to be fast. More importantly, we fundamentally believe that we shouldn’t be charging you if we’re not providing value and actually solving your problems. Unlike predatory large firms, you will find our website maintenance plans to be flexible, fair, and above all — reliable.

Large Agencies: Big web development agencies handle their ongoing support by charging their clients for every minute they spend, as well by assigning large groups of clients to a single executive account manger. Sounds great right? Wrong. Turn over is very high in account management positions and you will often find yourself working with people who are unqualified and under motivated. To make matters worse, they bill for every minute they spend helping you even if their help isn’t even that helpful and your problem isn’t solved!

Freelancers: They’re freelancers, they come and go. The bottom line is that the freelancer who builds your website today may not be around in 3 months when you need help. If you’re running a business, then inconsistency in your technology partner isn’t something you should have to worry about.

Maddlab Design: Reliability is our strong suite. Because the same team that estimates your project is the team that builds it, there are no surprises. We know exactly what we’re getting into and so do you. This means that we can work faster and more efficiently, and deliver the highest quality you will find for your investment. We pride ourselves on delivering quality no matter the size of client.

Large Agencies: Remember earlier when we mentioned working with low level sales people who don’t actually know anything about websites? When you decide to move forward with the proposal they give you, it will be handed off to a production team that has zero idea who you are and what your business is all about. In order to get up to speed, you’ll have to re-have every conversation you had with your sales rep getting charged every step of the way. 

Freelancers: Reliability is generally not their strong suite. Often times, communication is sporadic and choppy. Chances are if your a small business you’re counting on an efficient timeline and don’t want to wait forever for your website to launch.

Common stuff we get asked

There is no such thing as standard pricing for a website. We quote each project based upon what the requirements are to deliver your desired functionality and design quality. 

We work as fast as you do. One of the factors that determines how quickly we can design and build is your communication. It will be important for us to have your content upfront in order to build your site quickly. When things go smoothly, most websites can be built and launched within 1-2 months depending on size.

We are a specialty WordPress shop. It is a flexible platform with an endless repository of extensions and tools. Our build stack comes with a visual page building application that you can use to create website content with a drag-and-drop interface that is as easy to use as powerpoint.  

Yes, there are additional costs you should anticipate to see:

All websites need hosting in order to be online. We can provide hosting for as little as $30 / month.

Plugins are pieces of code and software that enable us to build advanced functionality for lower costs. We can purchase them on your behalf and bill you later

We typically invoice for 50% of the project cost upon contract acceptance, and the remaining 50% upon launching the website.

Yes, modern websites require upkeep and maintenance just like any other investment. They are systems with components just like your car or body, and therefore, they require regular checkups and adjustments in order to continue functioning properly.

Copyrighting does not come with every project by default, however we do offer copyrighting services if they are required. Generally speaking, it is best if you write your own website content as you are the most intimately familiar with your business, market, and customers.

For sure! We have worked with WordPress for many years and and can work with any WordPress website. Depending on how old your site is and what types of challenges you are facing, we may recommend an audit prior to conducting any actual code changes.

We provide a support portal for our customers to submit issues and requests to. You can access the portal through our website or simply email [email protected] to submit a support ticket to us.

We offer credit card payments and ACH transfers, and PayPal.

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