WordPress Speed Optimization

Load Time Matters

Human beings don’t like slow things. If you go to a restaurant and the service is slow, are you motivated to go back? Probably not. Websites are no different. Slow websites result in frustrated visitors, people abandoning your site, and lower search rankings. Statistically, websites that perform faster have higher conversion and engagement rates with their visitors, and because of that, also rank higher in search engine results. 

In fact, many well known companies and organizations have done extensive studies on how page speed effects their profitability.


Do you know how your website ranks for speed? If not, head over to Google Page Speed Insights or GT Metrix and see how you site scores.


Start Scoring Higher

We take a comprehensive approach to making WordPress websites fast, and we’ve got a ton of experience doing it. Some of the things that we can fix  and implement on your WordPress website are: